Learn from Willie Myette
Live, and in person.

“I've taught thousands of students online and in person. For the past 10 years I've focused solely on my online students, but now I'm selecting a few students to join me for an exciting 3-day, live training event that will expand your knowledge, skills while giving you new playing experiences!”

Willie Myette

Willie Myette / Jazzedge President and PianoWithWillie Creator 

Why Come To a Live Event?

Meet Other Students

Meet students from around the world in a fun, friendly environment dedicated to learning.

Learn New Skills

Learn new skills with classes directly with Willie and other special guest musicians.

New Experiences

Never played with a band? Maybe you have but want to improve your skills? You'll have the chance to do both!

What Students Say...

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Coaching is very necessary for me to ask the questions or get the advice from Willie on my playing! Even I don't have any questions on that day, I still can learn a lot from others!

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I also want to thank you for the great progress I have achieved over the last 3 years thanks to your site! Your site just was perfect, also because you are much more experienced than any other of my previous teachers.

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Willie's coaching feedback is packed with creative content plus suggestions that aim to take us to the next level (wherever we may be) and constructive and positive encouragement.

Access The Recordings

A HUGE benefit that all attendees will receive is lifetime access to the event recordings. This includes all classes, the jam session and more.

Lifetime access to the recordings (usually extra at most events) means that you can continue to learn even after you return home. 

Missed something that was said? No problem, just watch the session recording!

Attendees can access Friday/Saturday's video while VIP attendees get access to all videos.

Event Details:

October, 4-6th 2019 
(Friday to Sunday)

During this event we will be learning new skills, interacting with other students, learning to perform with other musicians, jamming and having a blast!

Lunch Included

Lunch on Saturday is included for all attendees. VIP attendees lunch and dinner are provided.

Transportation Provided

Transportation to/from Jazzedge studio, event hotel* and restaurant included.


Day 1

5:00pm - Attendees are picked up at the event hotel and brought to Jazzedge offices to meet-and-greet Jami and Willie, get materials they'll be using for the weekend and go over the itinerary for the next couple of days. Food and drink will be served.

Day 2

6:30-8:00am - Breakfast available at hotel.

8:00am - Attendees are picked up at the hotel and brought to Jazzedge offices to start their day of training.

9:00am-12:00pm - Classes with Willie. All sessions are recorded so attendees can watch at home. Classes will be a mix of lecture and interactive activities. Short breaks will be scattered throughout the day.

Material Covered:

  • Arranging techniques
  • Improvisation
  • Band performance tips
  • Chordal work
  • and more!

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch served (Salad & Sandwiches).

1:00-2:00pm - Willie will work with students who want to go through their pieces before performing with the band.

2:00-5:00pm - Jam session with the band. Students can (optionally) perform a song or improvise with the band. This will be recorded so you can impress your friends!

5:00pm - Wrap up for Regular attendees. Pictures, goodbyes, then back to hotel.

6:30pm-8:30pm - VIP attendee dinner with Jami and Willie.

8:30pm - Back to hotel.

Day 3

6:30-8:00am - Breakfast available at hotel.

8:00am - VIP Attendees are picked up at the hotel and brought to Jazzedge offices to start their day of training.

9:00am-12:00pm - VIP's enjoy private classes and a 1-on-1 lesson with Willie.

12:00pm - Lunch for VIP's (included) with Jami and Willie. Event over, students will be brought back to the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Musical Requirements To Attend?

How Many Attendees Will Be Accepted?

Can Anybody Attend? Do I Need to Audition?

What Can I Expect To Learn?

What Happens During The VIP Private Lesson?

Tell Me About The Recordings

How Much is Lodging?*

What Am I Expected to Do, Say, Act, Etc.?

Which Airport Do I Fly To?

What's the Weather in October?

What Do I Need To Bring?

Pricing and Refund Policy

Purchase Your Ticket:

There are two purchase options...


Regular Ticket

$ 399

$699 Early Bird Pricing

(Ends July 22nd)

Pay in full and save!

  • Save extra by paying in full
  • Friday/Saturday event access
  • Jam session with band
  • Group lesson
  • Day 2 Session recordings
VIP Ticket

$ 699

$999 Early Bird Pricing
(Ends July 22nd)

Receive the VIP Treatment!

  • Pay in 2 equal installments
  • Full event access (all 3 days)
  • Jam session with band
  • Private lesson with Willie
  • Day 2+3 Session recordings
  • Private dinner w/ Willie

There are NO REFUNDS except in the rare case that we do not get enough students to register. In that case, a full refund will be issued.


5853 Post Rd. Suite 201
East Greenwich, RI 02818






There is actually no one else in web music education at the level of Willie Myette and I have hired them all. If you are at all interested in understanding, learning, playing or improving your play at the piano, you must investigate this superb pianist and teacher.